The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion: Review:

Hello ladies,

Last year I had severe acne problem due to my swimming classes, then by luck I got a sample size TBS Tea Tree skin clearing lotion in my Vellvette Box.  I used it, loved it and ordered it again. Then I read in a blog about this Blemish fade lotion, I was instantly sold out and got it for me. And till now it’s one of my daily skin care product which has helped me reduce my blemishes and control my acne.

About The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion:

This light weight soothing gel crème sinks into the skin to help improve the appearance of blemished-damaged skin and equalize oiliness and replenish moisture while you sleep.

Price: Rs. 895/-

Quantity: 30ml


My Experience with The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion:

Packaging: I love the white and green colored packaging of all the tea tree range from TBS, they just look so classy. It comes in a pump dispenser packaging with green colored body and a white cap. The pump is also in white and very convenient. The cap fits perfectly and will not open in the bag. The pump delivers the accurate amount of the product and leads to no wastage.

Texture: The lotion is of a white creamy color and the consistency is light which sinks in the skin without leaving any oiliness. After applying the lotion, my skin feels great.
It has a smell of tea tree which lingers till you are applying it. It also gives a tingling effect which as per my experience all tea tree products give.

Result: It did wonders on my skin, faded the blemishes and reduced the acne to almost one – two in a month. In fact, whenever I see any zit coming up I immediately apply this and it just vanishes. I cannot live without this lotion, it’s a part of my daily skin care routine.

What I love about The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion:
  • Classy packaging
  • Will go for at least 3-4 months or more than that
  • Give results within a few weeks
  • Superb pump dispenser
  • Sinks in the skin beautifully

What I don’t like about The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion:
  • It was priced at 695 earlier but now TBS has increased it
  • The smell can be an issue for some

Final Thoughts: I just love this as it’s the only products which has helped me a lot.

Will I recommend? Of course Yes!!! To all my friends who are suffering from blemished skin and acne prone skin.



  1. sounds great product...i dnt have acne prone skin but would recommend my friends definitely..
    nice review.

    my recent one :

  2. Thanks Tej, Yupp u shud tell ur friends abt it

  3. Seems a good product Nav, but bit pricey :)

    1. yes Radha, it is expensive but for me its worth every penny. trust me

  4. Sounds amazing Nav :) And I remember you recommended this to me. Will definitely pick this up on my next visit :)

  5. This product is my fav.. i use it almost daily before sleeping... nice review navneet :)

    my recent post :

  6. Seems to be a nice product, i really need it :p
    Nice review dear :)

  7. I like this range! I have used their toner!

    1. Howz the toner Aditi?
      I wanna try their newly launched scrub

  8. Nice review dear :) I recently had a look at it but was in two mind - You review have cleared my doubts .. Thanks for sharing sweets <3

    1. My pleasure Vipra. U can go for this range, they have awesome products

  9. Love this range and Lovely review dear :)

  10. Finally a review on my favourite product ! excellent review ! I love the way my skin feels after apply this lotion ..... Best night lotion for oily and acne prone skin.
    xoxo Shreya


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