My September Vellvette Bag:

Hello Ladies,

            I have not ordered Vellvette Box since many months but after seeing the beautiful red and white polka dot bag, I gave it a shot and here’s what I received in my Bag:

A Beautiful red and white polka dotted bag which can be used to carry makeup while travelling contained  4 products :

1.       Beauty UK Eye Shadow Palette- Soho: It’s a beautifully packed colorful palette of eye shadows. I felt few shades to be a bit chalky but as it’s a full size product I don’t mind this at all. I loved the pretty bright shades and have the hand swatches for you to see too:

2.       The Nature’s Co. Coconut Crème Body wash: It’s a small sample sized square bottle. I didn’t liked this as I hate coconut smell in my products:

3.       Just Herbs Advance Pimple Treatment Kit: There are 3 sample sized bottles in the kit, a face wash and 2 face packs. They claim to clear the pimples and even the redness and the oil. Will use it and will let you know whether it worked or not:

4.       A cute looking Compact Brush which was a bonus product in this Anniversary bag. The quality is nice but its apt for short hair so I will let my hubby use it if he wants:

My overall reaction after opening the bag was 50-50 but it didn’t disappoint me as a whole. I am loving the palette and I am eager to use the pimple treatment kit.

Iam also planning to order the October bag, so let’s see what I get in it. 



  1. loved the palette navneet..looks great...
    waiting for reviews now..

    my recent one :

  2. Like the colours, but the texture of some shadows is chalky! I got it too!

  3. u got good stuff dear .. i have a hair brush similar to the one u received bt sadly it doesnt work on my not so thick hair.. :(
    wud love to see the review of that eye shadow pallette.

  4. ohhh so cute love the palette say would you like to follow each other? =) and oh pls. join my international vintage clothing giveaway =) hugs

  5. It was very useful for me. Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well. This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad to came here! Thanks for sharing the such information with us.


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